The Mission of Love Foundation is an organisation that brings help, love and hope to children and young people, the sick and people with disabilities, their families and the local community, and those in a difficult life or financial situation, mainly in Kenya.

“This is my commandment: love one another as I love you”- (J,15,12)

Our history

The Foundation’s logo borrows from the national colours of Poland and Kenya. The two embracing hearts represent a tender gesture of love that symbolises unity and support and restores hope.

The direct impulse to establish the Foundation came from the activities of the Upendo Children’s Home in Kenya, run by the the Catholic Diocese of Muranga. With support from the Upendo Friends and the missionary energy of Agnieszka Gliniecka, who manages the activities on the ground, it has been possible to improve the children’s living conditions, build a kitchen and help the graduates stand on their own two feet after leaving Upendo. We want to help build a better future for them. The Foundation exists to support their families and the communities they come from. We believe in promoting a culture and civilisation of love in today’s world. Our desire is also to serve the graduates of other centres and establishments, thinking first and foremost about their comprehensive development and start in life.

What do we do?

Our activities are not limited to children in caretaking, educational or rehabilitation centres. We want our help to reach wherever children, young people, the elderly, the sick and those with disabilities are threatened with exclusion due to poverty, violence and disability. Many are victims of sexual violence. Those were neglected and rejected children growing up in the streets. They were exposed to corruption. These children require long-term therapy but above all the experience of selfless love and healthy principles of upbringing. We direct all funds we receive to providing them with all-round help, assisting them with their development and preparing them to start an independent life.

You too can contribute to building a better future for our children by supporting us.

This process requires professional help for our children and working with their families and local communities, as well as other institutions who can be involved. This requires suitable material means without which some tasks simply could not be started or completed. Our task is to secure dignified living conditions for them. We see to many projects that change futures, bringing a better life. With your help we can provide food throughout the year, tuition for the education they need to have an independent start, as well as constant psychological care. Our dream is to fit out or even build spaces for our children to learn different occupations.


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