„This is my commandment: love one another as I love you”- (J,15,12)


Through gestures of love and active charity, to bring hope, love and peace where they are lacking.


Animate in people a desire to live love every day by completing projects that improve the quality of life of people, families and the communities they come from. Give witness of Christian faith and evangelise by deeds of charity.


Establishing a presence among those in need, learning about their problems and organising various ad-hoc and long-term aid, mainly in the areas of:

  • supplying additional nutrition for the poorest and those facing starvation;
  • educating children and young people, so that they can learn a trade to give them a better chance at an independent existence in the future;
  • changing living conditions and quality for the homeless and facing homelessness;
  • improving the quality of life of those suffering physically, mentally and spiritually;
  • assisting individuals, families and local communities facing social marginalisation and exclusion;
  • improving the quality of life of children in care, educational and rehabilitation centres and preparing them for an independent existence;
  • promoting sustainable development, fraternity, solidarity, unity and peace among humanity — today in Kenya and in the future wherever Divine Providence may send us.

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